1. Dazzling Décor

One of the first things we think about when planning an event is, what’s it going to look like?

Themed or not, creating the perfect visual experience for your guests is always at the top our priorities. From themed club nights, to film screenings, to the birthday party you’ve always dreamt of – the first thing your guests will see and the last thing they will be remember when flicking through photos is the aesthetic of their surroundings and the setting in which you created for them.

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 2. Interactive Activations

What will set your event apart from the standard, formulaic event formats that are endlessly recycled? Thinking outside of the box.

Serving Gin? Why not offer your guests a Gin Fountain. Themed event? What if your guests could interact with walkabout actors, following a script and narrative to truly immerse them in the concept and storyline of your creative event production?

Creating an interactive side to your event is the perfect twist for any party planner looking to create a truly unique, quirky and unforgettable experience for their guests and with the right execution is bound to leave them remembering your event for years to come.

3. Music Matters!

Have you ever heard anyone say; ‘remember that party with the incredible Spotify playlist?!’

Whether or not your event is music focused, finding the right live acts or DJ’s is a make or break decision – after all, they will be creating the soundtrack to your event. If you’ve booked a DJ, make sure you work closely with them to ensure they ready with the perfect track selection for your audience or theme. If you’re booking a live band – do your research! Ideally, go and see the band you’ve booked at another gig, do they sound the same live? Do they interact with the crowd well?

Your event can look amazing, have a great concept and perfect planning – but at the end of the day, if the music doesn’t work that’s all people will remember!

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4. Crowd Flow

Definitely not one of the most exciting parts of an event planner’s itinerary, but nonetheless a fundamental part of your audiences experience. Judging your audience turnout and flow throughout the venue is an art in itself when it comes to event production, and often one of the key differences between an amateur and professional party planner.

From knowing how many staff to have on your bars, to security on the door, to avoiding queues with a staggered entry system. Managing your crowd is another make or break aspect to any event and is one of the easiest ways leave your guests with a bitter taste in their mouth.

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4. Meticulous Planning

Last but by no means least, pulling off an incredible, unforgettable experience takes a lot of hard work. Never underestimate how much planning will go into your event and of course, never be afraid to ask for help.

Creating the perfect event isn’t a one man job and can be a daunting procedure at times, working with a professional event production team allows you to not sweat the small stuff and focus on what matters to you. Additionally, it gives you breathing space on the day – allowing you to join the party, safe in the knowledge that your event is in reliable and professional hands.