Our Story

To tell the story of how Pink Marmalade came about, we first need to explain a bit about our sister company, Good Life Events. Initially a party put on for our friends, Good Life has grown into a nightlife brand with an international presence.

Our events are attended by as many as 5000 people at a time, who we’ve hosted in warehouses, country manors and decommissioned banks. Driven by a desire to overcome the by-the-book approach, we’ve enlisted countless performers and used lorry-loads of decorations at our events, striving to make each venue feel like a microcosmic world.

Two years in, we hit a milestone when we met our business partner, Isobel. Like us, Isobel had always been drawn to the weird and wonderful side of event production, and her experience working with clients like Vogue, Glastonbury and Four Seasons Hotels helped propel Good Life into the top tier of the UK’s nightlife.

Before long, other movers and shakers began approaching us with private commissions, which is why we founded Pink Marmalade, our events company dedicated to clients.