Did You Know? When We’re Not Running Events – We’re Making Gin!

Our premium, colour changing Gin uses the ‘Butterfly Pea’ flower to create a unique and natural chemical reaction, that triggers a change in our Gin’s colour, from a cool summer’s evening blue to a subtle, yet elegant rose pink glow.

Distilling in small batches to ensure optimum chemical purity, Pink Marmalade Gin uses a ‘single shot’ method of distillation alongside traditional machinery and processes. Much of which are often disregarded in modern gin distilleries, who instead favour techniques that cater for a mass produced product, over the more drawn out procedure used by Pink Marmalade that allows our spirit to cling on to every last aromatic flavour molecule that can be extracted from the densely saturated recipe.

What Goes Into Our Gin?

Our gin marries pink marmalade, with grapefruit and pink peppercorn, alongside a selection of ten, specially selected botanicals (see below) to create a dry, zesty and wholeheartedly premium product.

Our botanicals each serve their own purpose, with ingredients such as almond creating a creamy undertone whilst our zesty mixture of grapefruit, orange zest and pink peppercorns give it a unique kick. The rest of our classic botanicals then tie this together to create a premium, well rounded, yet excitingly unique spirit.

Single Shot Distillation – What Is It & Why Do We Use It?

The traditional, single shot method of production that we use to distil Pink Marmalade, allows us to produce a gin that not only holds onto the luxurious texture that we have created, but also means we use no raw alcohol in the process, therefore eliminating any hangover inducing and taste spoiling elements to our spirit.

To explain single shot distillation in a nutshell; once distilled, only de-mineralised water is added to the 82% Gin to bring the spirit down to 42%. This means no raw alcohol is added to the spirit to bulk up the yield and ruin the luxurious texture our pot still has created. This is the key factor that makes pink marmalade so smooth to sip neat at 42%.

What Makes Our Gin Unique?

The ‘Butterfly Pea’ flower, whilst giving the gin a soft chamomile-like aroma that compliments the smooth texture of the recipe, also allows for a natural occurrence that is bound to impress. When a neutral liquid is infused with the ‘Butterfly Pea’ flower it gives off a cool, cobalt blue appearance, whereas when an acidic liquid such as tonic is introduced, the flower changes colour to a magnificent, glowing pink.

Pink Marmalade Gin is the mark of truly premium spirit. A citrus, yet velvety flavour, with a sipping experience that lingers and evolves long after each taste – whilst creating an eye catching, yet subtle colour change right before your eyes.

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