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1. Meadows In The Mountains

Bulgaria – Rhodope Mountains

Tickets From: £105

Dates: 4th – 7th June 2020

Nestled away in the Rhodope Mountains is a festival ‘where the land touches the sky’ known as Meadows In The Mountains. Celebrating their tenth year in June 2020, this festival is slowly gaining legendary status for it’s incredible location, describing itself as an untouched and unravished bastion of nature in this harsh world of open busy buildings, urban sprawl and concrete jungles’.

The festival programmes a broad array of music, from Techno to Gypsy Jazz with stages running through till sunrise. After 4 days camped out on the Rhodope Mountains, festival-goers are then offered a 2 day Spa Package at the Opheus Spa Hotel including pool side after party sets from the Meadows DJ’s.

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 2. Unsound Festival

Poland – Kraków

Tickets From: TBA

Dates: 4th – 11th October 2020

Unsound Festival brings artists from across the world to some of Krakow’s most exciting post-industrial underground urban spaces, with the city being a headline as much as the artists. The festival brings in an incredible range of artists to the festival from all over the globe, for many it’s the first time showcasing their art internationally .

Unsound commissions and premieres new projects with artists in collaboration with the festival, making it an event that allows and encourages artists to create new and exciting pieces of work. The festival enters it’s 17th edition this year and is currently announcing it’s eclectic 2020 programme, head over to their website to see for yourself.

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3. Experiment Intrinsic

France – Dordogne
Tickets From: £180

Dates: 2nd – 6th July 2020

Starting in London back in 2014, Experiment Intrinsic initially curated five nights of Audio-Visual experiences at a unique reservoir venue. With the theme staying consistent throughout, the festival has grown into a multi-platform project of carefully curated events exploring ambient, experimental and immersive AV experiences.

This summer the Experiment Intrinsic will be hosting their 2020 festival in a brand new location, still in the Dordogne region of France, their concept and ethos stays consistent with the project’s previous events, using the landscape and architecture of their site as a canvas for projection mapping whilst introducing new elements to compliment the laid back, tranquil theme of their events including Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda Classes and various workshops.

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4. Solstice Festival

Finland – Ruka

Tickets From: £66

Dates: 18th – 20th June 2020

Three days of electronic music is an accolade that a lot of music festivals can call claim too, although three days of electronic music underneath Finland’s infamous midnight sun over Summer Solstice is something else completely.

Nestled in the heart of the Finnish mountains, in a remote mountain town called Ruka. Solstice festival not only boasts three days of the midnight sun but a remote and unique location too. The dramatic alpine landscape allows the festival to be spread across a multitude of spaces, from out of season ski-lift terminals to hidden valleys through to a stage at to top of the breath taking mountain-peak.

Staying small and selective allows the festival to book a lineup that’s low key, yet impressive, with an eclectic mix of leftfield electronic music in a variety of completely unique spaces.

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5. Wilde Möhre Festival 

Germany – Drebkau

Tickets From: £101

Dates: 6th – 10th August 2020

Wilde Möhre Festival, directly translated as Wild Carrot Festival, provides complete escapism from day to day life in the form of an enchanted woodland of music, workshops and nature.

The location is really the star of the show at Wilde Möhre, offering luxuries such as a swimming lake in and amongst a seamless mixture of woodland and green spaces, The programing complements the location, with Yoga, Spoken Word and ethical workshops being a prominent focus. Also on offer throughout the festival are food traders, serving a range of local veggie delicacies.