1. Travel & Transport

Were you aware that travel and transport to and from events often contributes up to 80% of an event’s carbon emissions? This means that finding a way to create shared transport to and from your event will have drastic effects on the overall environmental impact of the occasion, whether it be a small gathering for friends or a private party for hundreds.

Private parties, weddings and events can often create a huge impact in comparison to public events of the same size due to organisers often not considering shared transport as an option for their guests and therefore leaving them with no option but to travel separately.

There’s lots of ways to consider audience travel and transport and it can vary massively dependent on your event and the needs of your guests whilst travelling (luggage, suits etc.), from organising group public transport, to hiring a boutique red London bus to ‘wow’ your guests or to setting up a mass group cycle through companies such as Red Fox Cycling.

 2. Ban Single Use Plastics

Single use plastics are one of the most unnecessary and wasteful bi-products of the modern day event industry contributing to a colossal amount of waste. Not only do single use plastics create waste and harm the environment, they often make a beautiful event look like a dump within an incredibly short space of time, covering the lush green fields of your perfect wedding venue to instantly and creating a sea of plastic cups and cutlery.

When planning your event, there are so many alternatives to using single use plastic, from eco-cups that can be rewashed and used again, to paper cups that can be easily recycled and turned into something new, to refillable water bottles that your audience can bring themselves.

Brands such as Happy Cups can offer great alternative solutions to single use plastics that wont burn to big a hole in your budget.

3. Eco-Tickets

Whilst it is the event organiser’s responsibility to ensure that their event is sustainable, you should never be afraid of prompting your audience to incur a small cost to help make their experience more carbon neutral.

If your event is ticketed or has a paid element, creating an eco-friendly initiative that your audience can opt into when paying can be a really great way to help encourage your audience to think about their impact. One example of this is an initiative that our friends over at Ecofriend World who have helped us plant a tree for every eco-ticket sold at previous Good Life and David Attenborough’s Jungle Boogie Events.

Other alternatives could be prompting guests to make a donation to a charity of yours or your guest’s choice with a call to action at the point of purchase.